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The backlit, user-friendly LCD display provides diagnostic information and system status in real words, not codes including:

  • SET-UP WIZARD For fast and easy programming.
  • RAMP DELAY Six steps of modulation to extend runtime and reduce cycling.
  • LOCH-N-LINK Save parameters on a USB drive and take them with you for future use.
  • VACATION MODE Tell your boiler when you are out of town to save energy.
  • OUTDOOR RESET WITH BOOST Automatically change the set-point according to weather conditions.
  • MODULATION FACTOR Find tune boiler performance to be more or less aggressive depending on the application.
  • VARIABLE SPEED BOILER PUMP CONTROL Keep the same Delta T at all firing rates to save electricity and increase performance.
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Set-up wizard walks the installer through twelve parameters including:

  • Date/Time
  • Temperature Units (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
  • Space Heat 1 Set Point
  • Domestic Hot Water Type
  • Ramp Delay
  • Boiler Pump Type
Setup Wizard Screen


ECM pump technology saves electricity & lowers operating costs. Lochinvar now includes this money saving technology as standard equipment on all WHB & KHB boilers. Using the Smart System to continuously match the target Delta T at all modulation rates this technology makes variable speed pump integration simple and easy. Push your savings further by taking advantage of local rebate programs for ECM variable speed pumps. Check with your local utilities company for details.

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" I'll know when my customer has a problem, before it becomes a problem!"
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CON·X·US Screenshots

Lochinvar brings you the tools and technology that you and your customers can count on.

Now available for Knight® Residential Boilers... a mobile application that provides boiler control, from anywhere.

  • Monitor boiler plant operating conditions at unlimited locations
  • Re-program SMART SYSTEMTM control parameters
  • Setup custom text or e-mail alerts for contractor and building owners/managers
Water Heaters

No limit to the number of boilers you can control.

CON·X·US can be your mobile portal to a database of real-time and historical information on boiler plants in multiple locations for multiple customers. From a single boiler to an 8-unit cascade system*, you'll be able to check operating status or re-program boiler functions, from anywhere.

*A CON·X·US Control Board is required for each boiler in a cascade.

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Full-function interactive display

From anywhere, CON·X·US allows you to control setpoints, domestic hot water, reset curves, pump controls and more. Control by touch, or type in field-specific information.

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Color-coded status alerts and emails

Home screen alerts show when the system needs attention, describes the problem and provides solutions. When a failure occurs you can respond quickly, saving time and money.

Color-coded status alert screens