" I'll know when my customer has a problem, before it becomes a problem!"
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CON·X·US Screenshots


Lochinvar brings you the tools and technology that you and your customers can count on.

Now available for Knight® Residential Boilers... a mobile application that provides boiler control, from anywhere.

  • Monitor boiler plant operating conditions at unlimited locations
  • Re-program SMART SYSTEMTM control parameters
  • Setup custom text or e-mail alerts for contractor and building owners/managers
Water Heaters

No limit to the number of boilers you can control.

CON·X·US can be your mobile portal to a database of real-time and historical information on boiler plants in multiple locations for multiple customers. From a single boiler to an 8-unit cascade system*, you'll be able to check operating status or re-program boiler functions, from anywhere.

*A CON·X·US Control Board is required for each boiler in a cascade.

Screenshot of device selection window

Full-function interactive display

From anywhere, CON·X·US allows you to control setpoints, domestic hot water, reset curves, pump controls and more. Control by touch, or type in field-specific information.

Screenshot of Interactive Display

Color-coded status alerts and emails

Home screen alerts show when the system needs attention, describes the problem and provides solutions. When a failure occurs you can respond quickly, saving time and money.

Color-coded status alert screens
Lochinvar Smart System Logo

Put more Control and Information at Your Fingertips.

The SMART SYSTEMTM is the most advanced integrated boiler control on the market today.

  • Larger LCD Screen displays more information.
  • Soft Keys for simple programming.
  • Navigation Dial for fast transitions from screen to screen and easy adjustment of settings.
  • USB Port connects to a laptop computer with SMART SYSTEM PC software to troubleshoot and program KNIGHT® functions, set date and time, monitor historical data, including faults, trends and energy consumption.
Detail of LCD Screen

At-a-glance Color Coding

  • Blue

    Detail of blue, normal LED screen

    Indicates normal system operation

  • Yellow

    Detail of yellow, maintenance-due LED screen

    Maintenance due - shows installer's name and number on the display

  • Red

    Detail of red, lockout-mode LED screen

    Lockout mode - shows active fault and installer's name and number display.

Exclusive SMART SYSTEMTM control features you can't get anywhere else...

  • DHW Night Setback
  • 0-10V Signal to control variable speed boiler pump
  • 0-10V System pump signal input
  • Separately adjustable SH/DHW switching times
Close detail of blue LED Screen